Marie (noclue2) wrote in addme_rockmusic,

Friend me?


I like music. 

I will listen to anything you've got.  And I love to share everything I hear. 

In college I studied both history and music theory/composition.  Yes.  I can write an 18th century fugue in the style of Bach.  (But really...who'd want to do that?  Why did i spend four years doing that?). 

I moved to Taiwan about 5 months ago.  I try to go to concerts here as often as my burgeoning ability to read Chinese will let me.  If you want to learn about random asian bands (before I came here I was heavy into the Japanese Visual Kei scene--and still pretty much love it) I share myspace pages and youtube links frequently.  I guess my interest in foreign music started like any other persons--British Invasion rock (The Cure, anyone?).  Then my brother brought home a Rammstein CD.  German Industrial Rock was my thing for many years.  Then I expanded to all those wonderful northern european metal bands.  And then somehow...Japanese music began appearing in my I-tunes list with frightening frequency...

I guess I'm mostly into hard-rock/metal. ???  I've never been much for classifying what I listen to.  I like: Rammstein, Disturbed, In Flames, Eluvieite, the Gazette, Live, mensheng (們生), Nega (ねが), Bush, Korn, Metallica, Cake, Liszt...

I'm 23.  I'm a girl

A lot of my blog is filled with stories that start with me getting on the wrong bus.  Though I am really getting better at it.  I promise.  

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