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Friend me?


I like music. 

I will listen to anything you've got.  And I love to share everything I hear. 

In college I studied both history and music theory/composition.  Yes.  I can write an 18th century fugue in the style of Bach.  (But really...who'd want to do that?  Why did i spend four years doing that?). 

I moved to Taiwan about 5 months ago.  I try to go to concerts here as often as my burgeoning ability to read Chinese will let me.  If you want to learn about random asian bands (before I came here I was heavy into the Japanese Visual Kei scene--and still pretty much love it) I share myspace pages and youtube links frequently.  I guess my interest in foreign music started like any other persons--British Invasion rock (The Cure, anyone?).  Then my brother brought home a Rammstein CD.  German Industrial Rock was my thing for many years.  Then I expanded to all those wonderful northern european metal bands.  And then somehow...Japanese music began appearing in my I-tunes list with frightening frequency...

I guess I'm mostly into hard-rock/metal. ???  I've never been much for classifying what I listen to.  I like: Rammstein, Disturbed, In Flames, Eluvieite, the Gazette, Live, mensheng (們生), Nega (ねが), Bush, Korn, Metallica, Cake, Liszt...

I'm 23.  I'm a girl

A lot of my blog is filled with stories that start with me getting on the wrong bus.  Though I am really getting better at it.  I promise.  

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Hi, im henrik. Im a 26 yr old bloke from the uk. Just looking for some new mates on here as my flist's been a bit quiet lately!


Im into surfing, longboard skating, martial arts and keeping fit. I also follow the nfl and soccer/football. Im well into music and play jazz and rock guitar. I listen to metal and jazz mostly (odd combo i know!). Loads more about me on my profile.

I suffer from depression and anxiety although i dont talk about it too much in my journal. Im a liberal, straight, atheist but I don't care what age/sex/sexuality/whatever you are. Im looking for people who update a fair bit although im not too fussed if you dont comment all the time.

Comment if you add me so i know who you are and i'll add back!

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I am la kitten camero
Blonde hair.Blue eyes

"a cage for every unclean spirit, every filthy burden"

I love bones..people bones...while they are still in people. Neck, hip and rib bones are sexy
I like muscle cars, porno stars, jelly tots and sluprees
I think intelligent convosation is sexy
Love and hate with equal passion

30s, 40s, 50, 60s, 80s, dance, dancing, electro, electro-clash, euphoria, fashion, fetish, gangster movies, good vodka, guns, horror, industrial, metal, good movies (no chick flicks), neitzche, red sambuca, rock, sex, touring

20 / F-ing awesome / Australia

'Sup, guys?

I'm looking for more LJ mates and have come to j00! My blog is awesome and so am I.

Basically I'm a blog addict. I have other blogs than LJ, but it is my master one.

I knit, play drums, enjoy sex, study event management, enjoy shopping and blog. I don't watch a lot of movies, I don't read a lot of books nor do I listen to a particular band. They're all mentioned on my profile under "Interests." I'm thinking about giving up smoking, I'm shit at PhotoShop and also at make up. I'm not fashionable as I'm financially challenged. I HATE people who cannot spell or do not know correct grammar.

Feel free to ask me a question or better yet, comment here and be my mate!

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I'm English, so I'm inherently well mannered. I'm also proudly the least anti social person in the tri-county area. 18 years of age. I'd like to think I'm genuinely interested in anyone's story. I'm not pretentious...at least I'd like to think I'm not. I like trees. and Lord of the Rings. And Wordsworth. And The Grateful Dead.

'n' junk. So, yeah, read my journal.


I'm Jeanette
16 years of age
Puerto Rican
living in  Puerto Rico
born in Chicago, Illinois

Around 5'6" in hight
Light brown eyes, Dark brown hair
4 piercings, all on the ears
no tattoos
Tan skin
pic on profile

but all around amazing

Playing guitar
Playing video games
Running track
The beach
Being out in general

not listed due to the fact that it will take too long


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My name is Brittney.
I'll be 18 tomorrow! :D
I live in West Virginia.
I'm a senior in highschool.
I've been on lj for a looong time
i just made a new account
and im looking for new friends.
add me only if you plan on talking to me.
i like a lot of different music
i do not like country though. =x
i wish i lived in california.
im creative. i like art.
i love hanging out with friends
i love doing random things.
i love prank calling.

anyway, just add me.
we'll become great friends.
leave a comment on my journal
not on here, please.


My name is Jeanette
I'm 16
I'm FROM Chicago, i LIVE in Puerto Rico

[Pic on Profile]

Why I'm Here:
I'm Pretty new to this, need some friends
I'll comment, I want comments back

Everyone says I'm:
I agree.

I love ALL kinds of music, mostly rock & reggeaton though
I've been playing guitar and bass for a few years now

New people
Hanging out
Running track
Cars [thanks dad]
y mucho mas!

People who talk shit about other peoples driving when they're worse
People who tell me to do something when I'm fuckin doing it
People who compare their things to mine
People that jump into conversations they're not in
People who say "i hate that" when you just said you liked it
y mucho mas!

Well thats me in a very small nut shell, i hope for some adds!!!

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