Miss Nikki J (a_lil_spaz) wrote in addme_rockmusic,
Miss Nikki J

20 / F-ing awesome / Australia

'Sup, guys?

I'm looking for more LJ mates and have come to j00! My blog is awesome and so am I.

Basically I'm a blog addict. I have other blogs than LJ, but it is my master one.

I knit, play drums, enjoy sex, study event management, enjoy shopping and blog. I don't watch a lot of movies, I don't read a lot of books nor do I listen to a particular band. They're all mentioned on my profile under "Interests." I'm thinking about giving up smoking, I'm shit at PhotoShop and also at make up. I'm not fashionable as I'm financially challenged. I HATE people who cannot spell or do not know correct grammar.

Feel free to ask me a question or better yet, comment here and be my mate!

x-posted like a harlot :P
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